Everything you need to know about Bamboo toilet paper :)

In a time where we need to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using bamboo toilet paper is one way to do it. Not many people have heard of this new toilet paper as of now – after all, what kind of toilet paper you use doesn’t usually make great dinner conversation – but it’s my belief that over the next few years, more and more people will start using bamboo toilet paper, and we’ll see more major brands offering it. After having used bamboo toilet paper over the past few months, I setup this site to help provide some useful information for people who have only just heard of it and are looking for more information.

My experience with bamboo toilet paper

I first heard about bamboo toilet paper from a friend-of-a-friend, specifically the brand Who Gives A Crap (yes, that’s a real brand and a real product), and they lent me one double length roll after I expressed my curiosity in it. Since going through that roll I since brought my own (see whogivesacrap.org if you’re interested) and now only use bamboo toilet paper. I love the product as it’s soft, clean and very comfortable to use compared to the ordinary toilet paper I was using before, though it does come at a much higher cost.

Why use bamboo toilet paper?

The main reason for using bamboo toilet paper is for environmental reasons. Conventional toilet paper does contribute to deforestation, and a lot of trees need to be cut down to supply billions of people with toilet paper. According to recent research (https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/issue-tissue-how-americans-are-flushing-forests-down-toilet-report.pdf), most toilet paper is not made from sustainable or recyclable materials, and there are all kinds of negative effects that come from deforestation. But bamboo is like the miracle material – it grows extremely fast (you can just about watch it grow), and there is plenty of it available. If we switched the entire world to bamboo-based toilet paper it would have a major positive effect on our environment.

In addition, based on my experience with Who Gives A Crap (I have also just started trying No. 2 and Caboo, two other brands that also offer similar products), bamboo toilet paper is just as high-quality as any other brand of regular toilet paper, and your guests probably won’t even realise they’re using bamboo toilet paper – it’s soft and comfortable just like any other toilet paper, and I have never had any issues with it whatsoever.

The only disadvantage I see with bamboo toilet paper is that it’s a bit more expensive than ordinary toilet paper, coming at a bit over $1 USD per roll (Who Gives A Crap costs $52 for 48 double length rolls at the time of writing). But it’s worth it in my opinion purely for the environmental benefits.

My recommendation – take the plunge!

I recommend trying out Who Gives A Crap or just going to Amazon.com and searching for bamboo toilet paper and trying whatever brand you like – if you’re like me, you’ll probably make the switch and never look back. The slightly higher price is well worth it when you know you’re buying a good product that is more environmentally friendly, and with many brands such as Who Gives A Crap a significant portion of the money you pay for the product will be used for charitable purposes such as building new toilets for people who don’t have them.

A final note…

Bamboo toilet paper is not the only way to help save the environment. I also recommend considering being more environmentally conscious via the way you power your home (consider solar panels), veganism and contributing to charity.


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